2019 Tournament Results - December 

December 2nd 

Flight 1        
Dan Stack/Tony Piper 58 1st Place 100 Bonus Points each
Tom Tanksley/Kirby Smith 61      
Roger Brown/Tom Pabst 63      

December 6th

Flight 1        
Jerry Algeo 67 1st Place 100 Bonus Points 
Ken Esposito 71      
Bruce Nagle 71      
Art Eichmann 75      

December 10th

Flight 1        
Bob Bennett/Ron Schmit 55 1st Place 100 Bonus Points each
Tony Mauro/Colie Potter 59 2nd Place 50 Bonus Points each
Mike Cooley/Kendall Cain 60 3rd Place 25 Bonus Points each
Rob Manderich/Jeff Kreig 62      
John Wilcox/John Heidorn 62      
Ed Sweeney/Tom Clay 63      
Steve Periz/Louie Rosado 64      
John Densmore/Mark Craven 65      
Mark Levy/Jim Zidow 66      
James Doole/Bill Swanson 68      
Mike Hunter/Evan Davies 70      
Tom Hrdina/Dean Nagel 70      

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